RELEASES: SPITTING AT THE GLASS (five03 records, 2010)TOURIST (2009 re-release) :: MOTORMAN (Patchogue Records, 2007) :: iii (Patchogue 2006) :: JACQUES RIGAUT (Patchogue 2006) :: Other songs in performan


  1. judy davis lips
    in a town like a swamp here’s a map and a gun/second hand mayan can split yr tongue/camera rays are pointless games/but dyeing yr mouth can get you laid/color yr past and flash yr sneer/lost in the spectrum it’s so queer/judy davis lips dictate the words/judy davis lips destroy the world/in the cars and the pain here’s a pharmacy bomb/agony codes cry when yr gone/poison vines have swallowed la/we never sleep and we don’t get paid/at a party that’s dead there’s no gun to yr head/shivering flesh on an unmade bed/in the flames of the crash the shadow of sex/she’s still cool on the lipstick index//
  2. flat planes
    flat planes dc-10/allows no broken windows/inside the roof of yr mouth/she makes a killer billboard/her face a silver bullet/in this occupation/you gotta stay young/flat planes dc-10/stuck in a metal corset/she hates her fucking office/she’s like a fly in a can/inside her black sunglasses/i’m not a homosexual/i’m not a heterosexual/i’m just an angry person and you’ve gotta stay hungry/flat planes dc-10/pissing the propaganda/upon the frozen airfield/allows no broken windows/inside the roof of yr mouth/shadows on the window/someone is at the window/she’s waving from the window and you know that means something//
  3. scatter
    a nation’s like a bath to die in/mechanisms haunt yr every waking hour/sleeping in the cold enamel/kamikaze kids go swimming/from the radio beyond the lines/there’s acetylene on the camel’s back/wedded by the coldest welding/you will be the bride to the concrete/sunglasses swan around hiroshima/bikinis tangled in the vodka/i count the love i count the loss/i feel the heat los alamos/i saw the plans i saw the wave/as i was fused in yr arcade/now they dress in drag and vampire teeth/and they comb their hair with science fiction/posing in the radar plaza/karaoke kids surviving/there’s a discotheque inside their minds/where a little boy never fell on them/her graffiti kiss is luminescent/he’s a bunker boy but he’s coming out/i hear the beat inside the skulls of nature’s better animals/i won’t go gentle to the grave/what the wind scatters the wind saves//
  4. ghostmouth
    all time ago like a child outside my head i sang with the wild dogs/but my spirit jades like the sugar dissolved under absinthe/i’m still a boy/my lies are fair/take these ghosts from my mouth/let me feel like i’m alone in this house/i did my time in the gaol of yr expectations/i danced with the hanged man/my liberty just as tender as bruised as the meat hook/i’m still a boy/please cut me down//
  5. permanent notice
    she’s a gorgon/face like a klimt/she’s losing time/in a tailspin/it’s the skin you shed that lets you get away/we’re in detention now/we’re on permanent notice/signs and omens surround/we’re on permanent notice/paranoid authority/vienna’s on permanent notice/superstitious academy/everybody’s on permanent notice/amazon queen/too smart for school/yma sumac/recessive gene pool/split personality/liberates her/lost siamese twin/in the shower//
  6. the spectrum  (instrumental)
  7. spitting at the glass
    spitting at the glass/biting at the latch/that’s when you know you are an intellectual/ shivering in texas/packing heat in libraries/you’ve got to watch yr back when yr sophisticated/in the internment camp/dressed like roxy music/you’ve got to sow dissent/you’ve got to sew dissent like babies in the tree line/barbed wire/boredom is my mother/irony’s my father/i am my own best friend/well wouldn’t you be/hanging by a thread/kick against the pricks/you could have been a star but then you think too much//
  8. gulf of mexico
    the knife has fallen bloodied these hands/exiled on morphine the money’s gone/pinned to a fly’s wing painting a chic death/the touch of the sun disgusted us/gulf of mexico/we shake and scream here/drink that dream in/disappear like/it even matters/the mural shattered tired of our hands/under a black sun this ocean/two in the blood stream four in the morning/feeling the shark’s intelligence//
  9. mouth to hand
    sometimes we feel we’re really living mouth-to-hand/part bone china part machine gun/they look around and the fashion gets better/like beatles colliding with a mohair sweater/yeah right/let’s pretend there’s no geisha culture/you don’t get on yr knees you don’t lap it up/she says it’s time to go with the fluxus/it’s time to bite the hand that feeds us/truth ain’t advanced/pornography/sometimes we feel we’re really living in japan//
  10. from here to eternity  dissonant and shaking girl goes down/and loses his lunch/all the spandex meathead men explode/in castle lightning/reading kitchen crochet kids are thread/and panoleptic/art theory magazines contort/new feminism/from here to eternity/artrocker and the nme/come dressed in raging rags like cale/and betsey johnson/embrace the therapeutic rock/of screaming truncheons/feedback through turkish bath and steam/koranic dripfeed/brought on by robert mapplethorpe/and foucault’s flipflops/pitchfork and mtv/take stabs at movie poetry/a spearmint chelsea/on a synthesizer ski blade riff/supergirltalk/in a nutmeg neon nightshade flash/old jazzmaster/alice coltrane firebird looking glass/for panther sunsets/there’s nothing here for you and me//
  11. exiles velvet machine theatre jerk/leather coated stripshow clerk/birdland and saucer streaks/trashed tubes and gravel beaks/shred soho sci-fi scam/basquiat and the spray can clams/gamelan groove skin slap jam/real poets eat from cans/constant struggle to be yrself/rocking out yr roman á clef/television screens turn red/magazines want to see you dead/fuzzy finger disco date/fraud shots and fashion plates/anti-bourgeois anti-blues/little turfer girl can’t lose/below the radar horoscope/the neo-punker starless dope/dada sonic patti horse/arto/artaud/flirt/divorce/exiles commiserate dot dot dash//contract communicate rot rot rash//
  12. brett smiley pile-up …we braced ourselves and waited for the news of a brett smiley pile-up on the m4//
  13. flat planes (radio edit, sing along without the word ‘fucking’)


  1. ELEVATORWe have something to do with the city
    Dark dress and a Chrysler (crystal shake)
    All night in a diademed chrome stem
    Tall buildings and parties to penetrate
    We crawl into the elevator
    We just want to get off (get off)
    Our love was made in a Factory
    Kiss Couch and Empire StateCulture/ruin
    Future/novel Don’t look/don’t lookThat witch on the next floor breaks down
    Broadway wig and murder gown (dead star)
    Wall Street howling with animals
    Manhattan, bad seeds and caviar
    Back crawl into the elevator
    We just want a good time (good time)
    And I dreamed the gargoyle fell
    Spitting teeth across the sidewalkCan’t afford to leave here
    Can’t afford to stay
    Don’t want the city
    Just want it our wayWe’re not attracted but we try to blend in
    It’s like you know, we’re so so, (yeah yeah yeah)
    All night in a high-rise horror show
    Hip rumours and black tie conspiracy theories
    We crawl into the elevator
    Blueprints for an arthouse dance craze
    Good view of the President’s necktie My wife is an architect (we get by)
  2. ISABELLEYou want oblivion Strange flowers in the Judas trees – Scorpions in the Embassy
    Nomad distinctions
    Melancholy in your photograph – The two of us in an eidograph
    They want an answer
    Wire money for investigations – smoke dreams of annihilation
    In your rejection
    As rich as any girl can be in – Your nihilism and your poetryNew hipster mixtape hell
    Projection: me and Isabelle
    Write off the wasteland over me
    Our ghosts are moving constantlyRemake the city
    Top down on a screaming Lincoln – Zapruder loops on the television
    She’s theoretical
    Jackie crawls on an open casket – Back brace and a murder jacket
    In suspension Blank stares from your trench coat zeros – Strange wounds when they screen your ego
    Sex static in a painted kiss – Why keep running round like this?Erotic landslide
    Strange drowning in Algeria – Some travel is immediate
    Across the water
    Collisions of our atavism – A spider’s house of anachronism
    It’s in our language
    Minarets of the occupation – Lost journals of the destination
    We are out of here
    Disguised in an atonal friction – We’re dreaming an eternal fiction
  4. 5 OUT OF 6 Anaesthesia
    The more and more is less and less
    The money shots, the drastic fleshDANANANAOh, now the world is filled
    With a million screaming things
    But there is no one here
    Telling them what it all means
    But hey, she worked it out on her own
    Hey, she finally understands:
    Hey, no pain when yr in the zone
    She’s gotta take it like a manPedal down to catch obscene
    Missed the part that turned your head
    South Pacific beauty queen
    Wipe your eyes, yr almost deadNo kiss-kiss/machine-head shift
    Behind aroused electric walls
    She wrote it on her fist:
    Everyone just wants to be loved
    Slow drowning: please, not this
    Everyone just wants to be loved
  5. TOURISTStrange clothes in the desert Red nights in the new transvestite sunThis my dress this my sex
    This Tangier this Marrakesh
    Your ache becomes a film
    But so does everything
    Snakes around my flaming hair
    This my hex malaria
    Labour pain of snow
    Gorgon letting goThis heart of leather jackets
    Red nights in the jackal-headed sunThis my pass this my port
    This my dream this New York I am a forgery
    I dress transparently
    Nostalgia for yourself
    Hydra hungry in Times Square
    Don’t please anyone
    Don’t be anyone
  6. FIERCE 70S TOMBOY Mohawks
    Buzz cuts
    Watch your mouth, sailor
    Drowned girls are tough, like Norman Mailer
    Ostracism spits the lighter fluid
    They told you no, so you want to do itFierce 70s Tomboy
    Fierce 70s Tomboy (pirates the thrift store)Drag king jeans
    Grip test machines
    Shipwrecked skulls
    Bathroom stalls
    From the Siam Straight to Brighton
    She abandoned her, left the light on
    Motorcycle spits the lighter fluid
    They told you no, so you want to do itFierce 70s Tomboy
    Fierce 70s Tomboy (pirates the boys’ fear)Abandon ship ladies!
  7. 2 SERIOUS LADIES [READ IT]The game is called: “I forgive you for all your sins.”Trade for a shack – kiss the family home goodbye
    Oh, Lucy, I have to have you by my side
    We’ll live on water and bread – I find it necessary
    To do this right, like I used to play with little MaryOh, Jane! Where have you been all my life?
    Solitude is only stronger with you
    Oh, Jane! Where have you been all my life?
    We stand outside the walls of fearOcean at dawn, kiss Pacifica’s thigh
    Wilder and wilder and then he’s gone
    Drink and grab – but everything slips by
    The girls and monkeys in my ColónI AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DOCKS AT NIGHT
    SOLITUDE IS ALL WE EVER FINDSalvation! Goering’s on the move again
    Preoccupation! Frieda’s fading fast, now
    Blind journeys – Two Serious Ladies
    Lost in New Jersey without a car
  8. NEW *GLAM* UNDERGROUND [namesake]I fell asleep for a month! It’s more glamorous, anyway! Cut the brakes!
    No repair, no solid chain! (Watch out!)
    Once was fine
    Swiss models rust in the rainI’m not buying anythingHe doesn’t say much, does he? It’s more glamorous, anyway!How much for a Sex Pistols ticket
    If I use remote control?Remote control
    Put your old money where my mouth is
    Remote control
    Put your old money up my assholeWe do it all ourselves – it’s more glamorous, anyway!Escape, escape!
    Dream caddies and Super 8
    A scalpelscape
    An open vein and a piece of cake (and a free bar)

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NOTES TO THE ALBUM: Spoken-word tracks (3, 7, 10) and extracts (1) are from the 1972 novel Motorman, read by the author, David Ohle, and set to music composed by Venus Bogardus (interview here). David Ohle is also the author of the 2004 novel The Age of Sinatra. Some inspirations include the shutdown of the analog signal, Billy the Kid, works by Steve Reich and Philip K. Dick, beachside acrobat-hustlers and more.

  1. MOTORMAN [demo version appears on The Wiretapper 17 (March 2007), the compilation CD of The Wire Magazine]Dry shit in the fire
    Off to find my doctor
    Find Cock in the pollen
    I’m approaching human
    Remoter and distant
    The motor insistentThis trip never stops this door never opens
    the jellyhead outside my room repeating scene that signals doomThree suns have come up
    Government ballgames
    In a real month I lost electrical power
    And consecutive Sundays froze me overnever pick up the same
    jellyhead twice
    I did and the features
    Fell off the lobes
    I opened the jellies
    In an ether grove
  2. BIRDSTorn curtain of birds, and poster stain
    An actor’s voice like porcelain
    She trades him for death wax and pirouettes
    Spotlights skulls and silhouettesBirds, birds, birds, birds.Silk sockets of dress, cochineal
    Hot line to bloodbank, oh, god you kneel
    Cruel moons and elision, stuttered line
    Make up for the lesions, switchblade spineI brought you souls
    Like a bird brings worms.
    They never listened to me
    When I said: Don’t let me outCut theatre of doll parts, anodyne
    Automatic deportment, lantern time
    Wings hiding the revolt, wings crowded with noise
    Preparing the ghost girls, preparing the boys
  4. AUTOCLAVEIn motor cars we were émigrés
    We write from a broken needle gun
    They want to take our memories
    The text on you and meMemories won’t get you out of gaol
    But they might fetch you a cigarette
    Autoclave, autoclaveThe poet and the ingénue
    The run with a stolen tattoo gun
    They’re poisoning the shopping mall
    The waste of you and meYou cannot bring us back again
    We’re feral girls and rocket boys
    We’re gonna strike the different trains Erasing you and mehow much like a child
    this machine
  5. ANALOG UNDERGROUND Ten thousand leagues, a sea of dead signal
    They killed the transformers, we put up our own
    One town, a thousand – the digital blanket
    A cathode ray tube trying not to drownBlack and white/underground/analog/all around
    Black and white/underground/under waves/all aroundPounding the pavement, plumbing the junkyards
    Stop when they’re all safe: every last screen
    There’s no government performance – let’s say we forgot that
    Screaming with white noise, time to play meanWhat’s in there? I only want my analog
    My glowing catalog, my bygone days
    New pirates braving the seas of forgetting
    They’re bringing me home now in the good old fashioned way
  6. VENICE VINCE He slingshots over the sand
    Tight shirt and PCP
    Like a fraction of a magazine
    An athlete tying offVenice Vince, do you remember?Native pickups telephones
    Coffee shops and personal ads
    Burns a hole in your horoscope
    Bars shine in mercuryOn leather boots like diamond dust
    On your raunchy father’s horse
    On leather boots like your mother’s ash
    On your father’s raunchy horseDo you remember Vietnam?
    Do you remember K D Lang?
    Venice Beach beneath a grey sheet
    Silver kids twisting in the windHanging from grey rings
    Venice Vince and his Better
    Sling through targets of last night,
    Last year or never
  7. TAKE WING, MOLDENKE (extract)
  8. THE AGE OF SINATRA [READ IT]Sinking, but singing from the radio
    This is raw meat this is a crystal set
    This is a pistol this is a death egg, nowIn the age of Sinatra, things were good – but no one remembersSignals a new riot in a winter skull
    Eating the sirens eating the necronauts
    Eating the remedies eating the Kennedys, nowThe age of Sinatra is sickening in first class furs
    The age of Sinatra is shivering inside syrettes
    The age of Sinatra rides a ship inside a curse
    The age of Sinatra will not share its cigarettesNo one, no one but the radio
    You, you in your hair-smoke high
  9. QUIEN ESWho is that spitball shadow?
    Who is he who rides the gallows?
    Who is that harelip buckshot bastard?
    I took them downNail me a pitbull picture
    Nail me a lacquered future
    Nail me to something like a childhood
    Then tear it downJaw crack the jackdaw crypt
    Let me pretend it’s Egypt
    Scream my soul against the stars
    Just like a shell
    A cannonballWrite me a poison letter
    Write me and I’ll be better
    Write me the poster boy of zeros
    You sold me outJaw crack the jackdaw crypt
    Let me pretend it’s Egypt
    Scream my soul against the stars
    I will not die
    I took them down

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iii is an album of songs recorded by James Reich and Hannah Levbarg, using programmed drums, in the living room above Secession Books, the shop the couple used to run. The songs were recorded in the week between Christmas and New Year, 2005/2006. The album is thus entitled as reference to preface pages of a book, as it was the third home-recording iteration of several songs, but before the ‘formal’ start of the band (namely, with first drummer Annie Gardiner). Several of these songs have appeard on BBC radio and various compilations released since 2006. This album received numerous glowing reviews, except from Chuck Eddy, who slagged it off in his 8/10 review of Motorman. Songs on iii and unpublished songs, at end, include reverence for John Rechy, the close plexus of Fire Island society in the 70s and its reverberations through later decades and generations, William Burroughs, the lives and deaths of dadaists Jacques Rigaut and Arthur Cravan, Valerie Solanas, Anne Sexton, Le Tigre, adolescence, Kaspar Hauser, urban American freeways…

  1. WHAT YOU KNOW I’m tired of living in the city If you don’t know what that means, I’m not telling you London in her death throes Scenes from the afterglow Downtown the cracks will show The bastards in Soho Hold on to what you know Don’t let them take it, no They don’t tell you so Girlfriends are good to go Tigers on the radio Feminist electric show Take back the neon glow Remake your punkrock show This is the scene you know Hold on the undertow
  2. JACQUES RIGAUT (see JACQUES RIGAUT single lyrics)
  3. TALES: FROM A FIRE ISLAND (dedicated to Felice Picano)From Tennessee to puberty And the boredom of Paul America Egon’s erotic elite The blind joy of his little angels En masse entourage Burning art and sand and drugs Tales: From a Fire Island En masse entourage Burning skin and sex and drugs Heroes of all we could have been But wouldn’t you know It’s 20, 30, 40, 60 Cut to a fraction Of what we could have been Asleep upon the neon sands Like washed up sailors dragging the anchors through an arm A safety painting to ward bad news This is not a test, but, here are the results The castaway survivor tale He’s here alive with me, away and well Like hustling John and his shirtless hotel Age’s triumph in ocean’s swell. Standing up.
  4. THE AGE OF SINATRA (see MOTORMAN lyrics; video on home page)
  5. WE SHOULD KILL NATUREI turned my back on some bleeding stations I won’t denigrate my heart with love What a bloody scandal When you say that nothing dies, shut up Oh, you’re a liar, shut up, shut up There is no noose like distance No knife like diffidence Mine was a new wave murder Suicidal art mausoleum Now we should kill nature Just like JK Huysmans For a generation of teenagers that won’t eat When you say that we won’t change, shut up, Oh, you’re a liar, shut up, shut up, When you say that nothing ends, shut up, Oh, you’re a liar, shut up, shut up
  6. CREATURES Creatures of habit beat in the vein Shoulder-pin-shoulder nightclub in gray Don’t care what’s outside I’m not coming out This space is all that I have behind a hanging doubt Ghosts in the closet porcelain trade You’re an adjective, well that’s what you say Don’t care what’s outside, I’m not coming out This room is all that I have behind a hanging doubt Paint in the darkness spoiling your face Portraits grow older Dorian Gray Don’t care what’s outside I’m not coming out This picture’s all that I have behind a hanging doubt
  7. HOW EVERYTHING FALLS So at last you’re alone with your gas inhaler You’re a vacuum, just scum, but you’re sharp as glitter Turn your eyes to the floor cause you don’t belong Once you had the excuse, but you lost your nerve This is how everything falls: satellite ash, existential This is how everything falls: modernism – fades to Prozac And this new wave panic is the new dysphoria Nylon and infrasound, short hair and breaking down And your lipstick today gets in the way Hang on to your fictitious sickness This is how everything falls: satellite ash, existential This is how everything falls: it just fucking does          

  8. SPACE, THE BIG DIVIDER anaerobic king sweating in mudflats radioactive needs and something smells You’re never there there’s no reason, no consequence or fairplay I’m signing my name to every little problem A lycanthropic bullet a never-healing knee something smells you’re in it deep Space is the biggest divider of every living creature Your playthings on the floor I tell you I think Space is the biggest divider of people and their heroes A stack of plastic rings I tell you I think I’ll stand on my head a little bit longer It’s my performance you’re upside-down, not me I won’t be back, there’s no reason, no golden ring no nothing, I’m signing my name to every little problem Baby can’t tell which end is up row your little boat in lather I’m all aflutter Tell me the truth: no you can’t unlock my secret hideout The young get their revenge for every creeping sorrow Sweating my moods my hands come creeping out two eyes four eyes six eyes eight eyes Berserker spinning hairs come creeping out the lycanthropic kitsch ausgezeichnete Haut Space is the biggest divider of breathing bastard my orange plastic horse, I tell you I think Space is the biggest divider of every bleeding breeder my playthings on the floor your hands all in my Space is the biggest divider
  9. RATS LIVE ON NO EVIL STAR Valerie’s gallery fantasy lost its sheen she lost her sheen call the office and rat on me kill yourself with Maybelline call the office and rat on me drown yourself in Vaseline go to work say nothing Between machine and smeared insect lies crisis Anne said: rats live on no evil star
  10. WOLF SPLINTERSwolf splinters stink in the dollhouse wolf splinters shave like a young man wolf splinters strike in the matchbox wolf splinters stitch her together take your red eyes from my room take your tongue back to your babies you look Victorian wolf splinters stink in the dollhouse wolf splinters she takes it to heart wolf splinters stuck in her underwear wolf splinters seem to be everywhere all this furniture goes down like your lipstick like your history you look Victorian

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  1. JACQUES RIGAUT – A-side Vinyl & Download 2006 (video on home page)Rigaut in rubber sheets climbing his golden rope My mouth on him, he’s dead After an afternoon of stealing grapes and being refused Although it’s our clinic, death Hold the rule against my breast Strangers, illustrated We plot the entrance of the bullet Mark it, picturing our black scorched vortex And permit salty lips to burn together Best friends powder burns the charcoal of our hair Shading the sheets as feathers fall Don’t illustrate it
  2. EPOCH ZERO – B-side Vinyl & Download 2006 I’ve seen hollow distress Once smothering and charred Inside-out for the sugarlight I ran across the yard Downtown with yr hairshirt on Saying nothing’s hard See the stupid clientele In their stupid bars Still life in an ancient room Sailors no holds barred Now divorced from their sheets they keep ringing Fists against the stars So this is the modern world – thank you very much
  3. SAFETY PINS – Download only, Rigaut recording session (video on home page)I’ve sealed my eyes with safety pins Doctor, you cannot get in In yr miner’s lamp yr a lighthouse With yr cyclops ray you diagnose my sheets Someone said you can’t get back What the hell ya looking at? All this emotion shaking around in the mirror Unseen hands taking me down won’t let me go All these fears shaking around in the mirror Vinyl hands training my eyes to see clearer Institution paradigm VCR loops truncheons shine Pain is just a state of mind Somehow you get left behind Somehow I got left behind What the fuck ya looking at?


  1. RESEARCH (demo version recorded with Motorman demos 2007)Concrete tears this car right out of the sky The boulevard throws it back again: Texas Blown light the Harlowe shape of your mouth Asphalt twists the nexus and burns like the South She’s driving a rental tank He’s driving a private eye Shadow stain on the shoulder The screen ages You believe that Hollywood is a place You believe the unconscious has nothing to say You believe to be modern is to fuck with disinterest You believe that God exists in a crashed car This part of the city did not exist Now we glide like weapons between the abutments This freeway killed my heart I drive cause I believe in nothing
  2. DOG STAR/SHAKESPEARE SQUADRON (performed in 2006 live shows w/Annie Gardiner – drums)Girls with rayguns down at the thrift store
    Shave their scalps and dance to the arclight radio
    Adrenal ghosts with ripped up lipstick
    Torpedo faces frug to the stupid rocknrollConfidental blah blah blahBilly’s poems flap like a manta ray
    Kick against the pricks and the arclight radio
    Dirty jrnls abstracts of future meat
    In apprehension, how like a god – we love nothing
    It’s hard when you’re pretty in prison
    Damaged goods are machines for boredom radio
    It’s hard when you’re pretty in prison
    Damaged goods are machines for boredom radioConfidential blah blah blah

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