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FEB 1, 2010: 13-track CD (digipack) & download
DEC 12, 2009:  Judy Davis Lips digital single
CATALOG #:          F03 VB01

Spitting at the Glass is the third album from acclaimed trans-atlantic post punk trio Venus Bogardus, and the band’s first new release on New York’s five03 records. The album showcases the band’s talent for weaving cathartic tension out of no-wave noise, pop overtones and remarkable lyrical sensibility. Spitting at the  Glass, with its played-live essence, more completely reflects the improvisational, free-noise influences suggested by the band’s previous releases, finally capturing the raw poetic power of Venus Bogardus live.

Venus Bogardus formed in England in late 2005, and relocated to the US in March of 2009, where the band continues to garner glowing reviews and a new, broadening audience. The album release and February, 2010 tour coincided with the west coast debut of ‘The Beebo Brinker Chronicles’ stage play (San Francisco, Brava! for Women in the Arts) based on the book from which the band derived its name; the band played the party for the sold-out opening night at the theater.

Accompanying radio and press campaigns (Planetary Group, Feb 2010) helped the new album gain excellent new press and achieve rotation on 100 college radio stations around the country.

“No two ways about it: Spitting at the Glass is a cracking album, and Venus Bogardus are as cool as they come.” (9/10)
- Whisperinandhollerin.com
“Thirteen tracks of truly mind-bending mania, Spitting at the Glass is a Post-Punk/No Wave dream come true. …The album is haunting, dark, foreboding and mechanical…a truly wonderful piece of musical mayhem that replenishes the soul and restores faith that modern music has a soul to begin with.” – Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA

“World class.” – BBC Radio, BBC Introducing
“Many bands claim to be ‘art rock,’ but bristling British trio Venus Bogardus has the breadth to back it up…” – The Onion, Austin Ed., gig pick of the week
“If you haven’t seen Venus Bogardus, you haven’t really lived.” – The Santa Fe Reporter
“Skillful, interesting and ambitious. Check them out.” – Richard Hell
“I’m f*cking ecstatic! Venus Bogardus are the best band we’ve seen in Britain.” – Die! Die! Die!
“Artrock epitomized…suffocatingly intense…bloody brilliant!” – Drowned in Sound
“That was fantastic! Were you kicked out of the choir?” – Michael Eavis, founder, Glastonbury Festival
“…Tourist will happily wipe the floor with the overwhelming majority of bands on anyone’s terms.” – Drunken Werewolf fanzine, album review

TRACKS: 1. judy davis lips (4:53) 2. flat planes (explicit) (3:21) 3.  scatter (3:43) 4. ghostmouth (4:26) 5. permanent notice (6:22) 6. the spectrum (2:19) 7. spitting at the glass (2:45) 8. gulf of mexico (3:26) 9. mouth to hand (2:53) 10. from here to eternity (3:34) 11. exiles (4:44) 12. brett smiley pile-up (18:07) 13. flat planes (radio edit) (3:22) ******CREDITS & INSTRUMENTATION: All songs  by Reich/Levbarg/Carr copyright © 2009 Venus Bogardus all rights reserved. James Reich: guitar/vocals; Hannah Levbarg: bass guitar/vocals; Luke Carr: drums