This is 4 days overdue – we’ll be catching up as we can here, including uploading some short video clips. In the mean time, here’s an LA diary:

Los Angeles. Stuffy, smoggy, serious altitude drop = unwarranted hangovers for the band. Make fun of New Mexico when you’ve had some clean air, why don’t you…

On tour. Feb 12, San Diego. We’re in an extra-cozy café on University, not getting an internet connection and waiting for our gig. Or, rather, our load-in @ the Soda Bar. This café, the Claire de Lune, is playing endless, fairly insufferable MOR AOR from the 90s… Dave Matthews… on and on. Otherwise, it’s perfectly nice to sit here – actually a beautiful little corner site and space. We picked up a San Diego Citybeat that picked us as their ‘Plan A’ for today, in the column “If I were you…” That’s good news. Another [f*cking] SY reference but that’s okay, and, weirdly for us, another PRIDS reference. All good things, though, clearly, for this audience. I guess. I hope the journo and a lot of other fools will turn up for it.

Last night was a mixed bag of a gig, at Silverlake Lounge on Sunset. For the most part, good: good turnout, good response, but didn’t seem to be very well promoted, and the bartenders sure seemed to hate our requests for water! But that was mostly funny. We’ve got a long video of the whole show which we’ll be trimming into bits, I think. Thanks, Emerson, for the recording… We enjoy LA, but San Diego’s a relief and we’re all looking forward to our various dates and sight-seeing.

Next installation: San Diego, and more interesting items to report…

15. February 2010 by Venus Bogardus
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Tonight we play SILVERLAKE LOUNGE in Hollywood – can’t wait.

Video clips, photos and more stuff to appear here.

x -VB

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Venus Bogardus picked ‘Gig of the Year’ by ATTN:Magazine

Wes White of Glastonbury Festivals and ‘the genius behind ATTACK!!!! Magazine’ picks Venus Bogardus’ February 2009 ’100th show’ gig at The Croft, Bristol, for Gig of the Year.
Read the bits here

03. January 2010 by Venus Bogardus
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Street date and album launch

The official street date for Spitting at the Glass  has been scheduled for February 9, 2010.

The Santa Fe album launch party originally scheduled for December 12 has been rescheduled to Friday, February 5, at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. More tour and album news coming soon.

17. December 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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Tour dates & album launch promotion

Venus Bogardus is booking a west coast tour in support of the new album Spitting at the Glass – kick-off and ending show dates are anticipated for Santa Fe and Albuquerque, including a tour launch show at Cowgirl Hall of Fame – stay tuned for details.

Press, radio and venues can get more information here, including industry-only downloads and high-resolution album art.

Shows are scheduled for venues in Los Angeles, the Bay area and Seattle, and many more will be announced shortly including shows in Portland/Olympia and San Diego.

The tour and album are supported by radio and press promotion by Planetary Group. Distribution of Spitting at the Glass is currently provided by five03 records – merchants interested in selling the album should contact Tony Ramo at five03.

05. December 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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Beebo Brinker Stage Play & VB West Coast Tour

Venus Bogardus is planning to play tour dates in the Bay area in February 2010, to coincide with the west coast premiere of the Beebo Brinker Chronicles stage play, running February 23 – March 13 ( The tour will accompany the formal release of Spitting at the Glass (following local/northern NM soft launch in December), and will include shows along the west coast.

16. November 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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No Balance, a 5th Deathiversary Tribute to COIL’s Jhonn Balance

Friday 13th 2009 marked the fifth deathiversary of Jhonn Balance (1962-2004), founding member of British industrial/experimental/post-Crowley/chaos-wagers COIL. The date was marked by a night of interpretive performances of COIL works by 13 artists invited by The Process. The three-hour show was staged at the Santa Fe Complex. It included music and theatre by Andrew Cryptic, Rhod Harrison, The Vivi Sect (with the One and Only Ian Anderson), Martin Back, and Lilia Pea’s ensemble. Curator Red Cell invited Venus Bogardus to perform The Wheel (vocal version). The evening will be remembered by the audience crammed into the Complex as a seminal gathering of the Santa Fe avant-garde. The event was filmed and documented by several photographers. The release of images and recordings from the show is keenly anticipated. “It was, without doubt, one of the very best shows that we have ever been associated with, and it was an honor to be invited to perform.”

15. November 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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Spitting at the Glass

The new Venus Bogardus album, entitled ‘Spitting at the Glass’, will be released in February 2010, supported by a west coast tour. A local/soft launch is planned for December 20009. Album launch parties will be hosted at great New Mexico venues the Atomic Cantina (Albuquerque, Friday December 11th) and The Cowgirl Hall of Fame (Santa Fe, Saturday, December 12th). The album sleeve features photography by Michele Maier, who worked as an assistant to feminist artist Judy Chicago at the time of Chicago’s Birth Project during the early-mid 1980s. Spitting at the Glass is the band’s first new release on New York’s five03 records. The album contains twelve new tracks recorded at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe, NM that were engineered, mixed and produced by the band. Intern Max Grand also assisted during the session where the band recorded Judy Davis Lips and Scatter. Spitting at the Glass records the first time that Venus Bogardus have been able spend more than four hours in a studio and the new album with its played-live essence (only minimal vocal overdubs, and some additional guitar texture tracking were added) evidences the improvisational, free noise influences that have been suggested behind the band’s previous releases. The result is an album that finally possesses the raw poetic power of Venus Bogardus live.

14. November 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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New Album, New Site

Welcome to the new Venus Bogardus official band Web site.  We’re busy building this and making it everything you could possibly dream of (well, whatever), so please browse away, register, if you’re a mega-fan (…do we have those?) and you would like your own corner on this site to blog about music or related things, please let us know, and we’ll hook you up.

14. November 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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five03 records takes TOURIST

New York City boutique indie label, five03 records, has signed a contract with Venus Bogardus to re-release and take over distribution of their 2008 album, Tourist, originally released on boutique Los Angeles label Pretty Mouth Records (subsidiary of Big Deal Records, and now defunct).

Contact five03 for purchase and press details.

15. July 2009 by Venus Bogardus
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